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Nica Style Adress: 

Once in Guasacate Beach, keep going for about 1 km. You will see our sign on the right. Locals also know the place as Casa Maur.

Save Some Time and Money:

Tell the Taxi or Bus driver that you are going to Guasacate Beach.  Many people take the Turn to Popoyo beach and find themselves a bit lost and with only 2 or 3 hotels. Guasacate is the surf town next to popoyo with most of the restaurants, lodging options, pizzerias, board rental and closest to the surf breaks.



By  Taxi

Send us your flight itinerary or pickup place and time and we can have one of our trusted taxis pick you up.

Average taxi  rates to Guasacate/ Popoyo:

Managua airport : 80  usd

Leon: 140 usd

Granada: 60 usd

CR border: 45 usd

San Juan: 45 usd

San Jorge ferry port:  35 usd

Rivas: 30 usd

Taxis usually charge a bit more if it’s a night drive. 

Newer taxis with ac or 4×4 charge a bit more.

Max capacity is usually 4 passengers.

By Bus:

All the following buses end in Rivas:

From Managua Roberto Huembes Bus Station  – Take a Bus To Rivas.

From San Juan del Sur: Central Market Bus Station – Take a Bus to Rivas.

From Granada  Central Bus station- Take a Bus To Rivas.

From Leon: to avoid taxis to other stations in Managua, take bus from Leon to Managua UCA station, From there to JINOTEPE, from there to Rivas.

Once at  the Rivas Bus Terminal,  Buses depart to Las Salinas almost every 2 hours.

The thing is that las salinas bus stop is still 7 km from our beach, there is no public transportation to get from there to our place.

You can do the following:

Ask the bus driver to leave you at cyber cafe ” la tonita ” in las salinas and they can call a tuk tuk, motorcycle taxi to take you to our place. Trips are less than 10 usd.

Hope for a pick up truck or fruit truck or someone to give you a ride.

If traveling light you can walk it, but it does get hot.

We highly recommend the taxi option from Rivas.

Less frequently- Other Buses also go from Rivas  to el Astillero and can leave you at the entrance of Guasacate. It’s a 2 km walk from here to the hostel.


Shared Shuttles: 

There’s a new shuttle service that’s been working daily from San Juan to Guasacate popoyo and vice versa. They leave San Juan  del sur around 10.30 and stop in Rivas / San Jorge Port/ and to Guasacate. They leave from Guasacate at 7 am and 1.30 pm with the same route.

They charge 15 usd from or to  San Juan and 10 usd to or from  Rivas.

You can contact them via WhatsApp and tell them your your pick up location. Tell them you are going to or getting picked up at  Popoyo Beach hostel.

Daniel Whatsapp is: +505 8748 4105

If in rivas you can meet at Burger King that has wifi and is on the main route and ask to be picked up there.

Car Driving Directions:

Get to Rivas city –  Continue until you get to Tola-  Ask for Las Salinas town- Cross las salinas bridge and keep going for 5 km and take the first left that goes into Guasacate Beach, keep going for about 1 Km and you will find the popoyo beach hostel sign on the right.

Or you can Use WAZE to get to us.